Why SAFE Works: Stories of Success

Read real stories about real people whose lives have been saved by SAFE programs.


Mama Aisha and Baby Rwayan

Age: 20 years, and birth

Within minutes of delivery, Aisha realized that her baby wasn't breathing. For 30 minutes, a SAFE midwife worked to resuscitate Aisha's son. Remembering the experience, Aisha recalls: "My baby took 30 minutes making no noise. I thought he would die. Viola fought hard to see my boy get life. She really took care of us."


Baby Shakul

Age: Birth - 1 year

Shakul's teenage mother tragically died when he was only days old, leaving him to be cared for by his grandparents. As peasant farmers who had their own family of 11, they could not afford the expensive formula that Shakul needed. Many families in this situation end up feeding newborns water or fruit juice. SAFE supported the family in obtaining infant formula and in teaching them how to mix it safely and take Shakul for regularly scheduled medical follow-up. He is healthy and growing strong.


Mama Mwasit and Babies Sudasi and Sumaya

Ages: 28 years, birth

During delivery, Mwasit developed obstructed labor, loss consciousness and urgently needed a cesarean section. There was no transport available to town and Mwasit was not expected to survive waiting. SAFE called a physician partner and transported him to the facility where Mwasit was located. He performed a life-saving cesarean, and saved not only Mwasit but her two (surprise) twin sons.


Mama Sophia

Age: 18 years

Sophia was in labor with her first child  when a complication arose; the labor stopped progressing. SAFE was called and dispatched emergency transport to take Sophia to a larger health facility, where she was diagnosed with a contracted pelvis and received a life-saving cesarean section along with prophylactic antibiotics. Both she and her baby are doing well.


Mama Aisha and Baby Medie

Age: 24 years, birth - 1 year

Aisha is a member of a SAFE community group. While at a community group meeting with SAFE staff, Aisha had symptoms of elevated blood pressure. Our staff called the SAFE motorcycle ambulance, which took Aisha to Iganga Hospital, where she was treated and later able to have a healthy baby boy, Medie. Regarding SAFE's impact on her life, Aisha further explained: "Before when my child was sick, I would bathe my child in local herbs and then go to a clinic for coartem and pain killers. Now I know I go to the health center and ask them to test and get good treatment."


Mama Farida and Baby Abdullah

30 years, and birth

Farida arrived to a SAFE health facility in labor with her seventh child and delivered on the doorstep before she could even get inside. But the baby she delivered wasn't breathing. SAFE's midwife sprung into action and resuscitated little Abdullah with a bag valve mask. Soon he was crying his lungs out and learning to breastfeed. Farida says she was grateful because, "I feel like I got the proper help. I feel so happy because he is alive."


Mama Maureen

Age: 29 years

Three days after delivering her third baby, Maureen developed an infection and returned to the SAFE midwife who had attended her delivery. The midwife provided her with antibiotics, which cured the infection and allowed Maureen to return to a picture of health. 


Mama Fazira

Age: 23 years

After delivering her third baby, Zefania, Fazira began struggling to deliver her placenta. Three parts delivered in pieces, but a fourth piece remained inside and Fazira started to bleed heavily.  SAFE's midwife manually removed the retained fragment and administered medication to help the uterus contract, stopping the bleeding and saving Fazira's life. 


Mama Lydia

Age: 21 years

Lydia suffered a fetal loss during her second pregnancy that was further compounded when the body remained stuck in the birth canal. After receiving a frantic phone call from the midwife, SAFE dispatched a motorcycle ambulance, which transported Lydia to the district hospital. Hospital doctors provided her with anesthesia and helped to deliver her baby and the placenta, saving Lydia's life. Although still very sad about the loss of her baby, Lydia is now pregnant again and looking forward to a healing experience. She remembers,  "I felt saved so much because this being a rural area, there were no other forms of transport. Now, I know to always deliver from the main hospital."