Why SAFE Works: Innovation

Butende Women's Group (Photo Credit Kath

It starts with women driving change...

At our very core, SAFE's model starts with a belief in the power of women and girls: to lead, to create change, and to transform our world. Our model empowers women as leaders and change agents by forming women's groups and co-ed development associations that are all led by women.


And includes men who champion health.

Traditional maternal and child health programs usually focus on women--after all, women are the ones having babies. But in Uganda, it is often male partners often make health decisions and earn money to pay for care. SAFE works to empower men to make good health decisions, in partnership with the women in their families.


It takes on all the Delays, not just one.

SAFE works with communities to identify ALL Three Delay problems impacting maternal and child health in the first 1,000 days of life. We work together to address them in tandem so that a woman and her family can make good health decisions, access the care they need, and receive the quality of care necessary to improve health.


So that mothers and babies lead healthy, empowered lives.

SAFE's work is designed not only to improve health now, but also empower women and communities to take greater ownership of health and development. Many of our partner communities use the skills they gain from SAFE to take on other community problems. Safe mothers, safe babies, safe world.