Improving Quality of Care: Global Surgery

Critical conditions during delivery, congenital deformities, and injuries for both mothers and children often require surgery in order to heal. Yet, surgical care is almost non-existent and the care that does exist is often far too little to handle the immense need. Globally, nearly 5 billion people lack access to surgical care, and Uganda is no difference. In a recent survey SAFE did, more than 60% of the population was found to be without access to surgical care, and more than 95% would incur one or more delays in accessing surgical care should they need it. In Iganga District, there is only surgeon and two obstetricians at the public hospital, the only public hospital with surgical capabilities serving more than 1,000,000 people.


SAFE is addressing this issue by researching it at the population-level and by working to support improvements in surgical care at the Iganga District Hospital.